Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With Easy And Simple Ways

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Breakups can severely affect our life if we still love our ex boyfriend deeply. And, moving ahead in life forgetting everything becomes very difficult. Memories from past keep on resurrecting from time to time that hurts a lot. To come to terms with the fact that our boyfriend does not belong to us anymore is very painful. If you are going through the same pain, giving your relationship another chance and trying different ways to get your ex boyfriend back is what I highly recommend. By adopting right approach, you can get your ex boyfriend back.

You can even talk to a consultant to know the ways to get your ex boyfriend back but paying him is not a good idea because the below mentioned points are suggested by those who have got their ex boyfriends back.

First of all, try to evaluate the cause of breakup. Compilation of many reason results in breakup. Try to figure out what went wrong that resulted in this. Now it is time to correct all those faults that lead your boyfriend to get parted from you.

Do make an effort to look more attractive and charming. Most girlfriend start taking their boyfriends for granted and don’t make an effort to look good. Keep in mind that boyfriends always want their girlfriends to look pretty. So, change your wardrobe and try to look the way your ex boyfriend wants you to be. This can work in your favor and help you in getting your ex boyfriend back.

If you have a shared a beautiful relationship and were deeply in love with each other, then he must be missing you too. Try to resurrect all those moments but never let him know that you are desperate to get him back. The more you get over him, the more he chases behind you.

Let him realize how important you are for him. Don’t ignore him completely but keep your focus away from him for some time. Make him realize that you can have fun even without him and he will definitely miss the time he has spent with you.

Adopting these tactics, it will become easier for you to get your ex boyfriend back. Once things start improving, bring the romantic feeling once again and.

If you are like most people, you have probably thought of desperate measures to learn how to win your ex back


Mercian + Wheels
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Question by Fugunga Matahi: What “ex-back” system is best for my situation or give me your advice if you want?
So my ex girlfriend either hates or doesn’t care about me now. We dated for two years and broke up, a week later she dated another guy and so far it’s been 2 two months. We last talked on Christmas where she said she hated me and regrets going out with me because her new boyfriend treats her like a “real boyfriend” and because I refused to pay her back money for a gift she got me. So she said she wouldn’t talk to me until I payed her back, and I asked if I did pay her back would she hate me still then she said she doesn’t care about that right now she just wants her money back or her cousin will beat me up. It just seems weird after she broke up with me she said she won’t forget the time we had and she would never hate me but that thing happened on Christmas. Ever since she started becoming popular she just started to change and slowly detach from me.

Best answer:

Answer by lisa
First let me say this: 1. You have the rest of your life to experience sex. 2. no matter who your partner is, it is NOT all that great. 3. The cons (AIDS, stds, pregnancy, death) do NOT outweigh the pros (orgasm, which you probably will not experience until you are older) BOTTOM LINE: Please wait until you are at least 21 years old.

NOW if you must know, and you are at least 16 years old, read some erotica books (maybe), but know that they are all exaggerated to the 1,000th power. But if your parents are open and not too uncomfortable talking to you about sex (the may be depending on your age) then DEFINITELY talk to them first.

No one has EVER said “I wish I had sex sooner”….. if they do have regrets they usually say “I wish I waited”….

dont be in a hurry, take your time, and focus on more important things 🙂 I hope this helped

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25 Responses to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With Easy And Simple Ways

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  2. cysylltwr9o says:

    Check out my channel for some tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

  3. hamzakhan111 says:

    lol your giving alot of hope to people, maybe some false hope

  4. Cheesecake2211 says:

    thx for your answer. I’m just confused about that part “I missed you somehow but somehow I didn’t”why would he say that last part if he wants me back? uh…men are weird!…

  5. EvilEtiquette says:

    @kaurgini05 *you’re

  6. EvilEtiquette says:

    disco inferno!

  7. kaurgini05 says:

    wow your so smart and sexy

  8. Tombstone1730 says:

    @Cheesecake2211 he probably wants u back. I did the same thing with my girlfriend back in febuary and told her that I wanted her to move on. After weeks of thinking, I realized I made a HUGE mistake and tried to get her back but all hell broke lose…… He’s trying to be friends with you because he wants to start over with you.

  9. Cheesecake2211 says:

    Are there guys out there who can help me try to understand my ex? he dumped me in april. I was crushed and I suffered for a really long time without showing him of course. Now that I’m finally moving on, met new people and feel like I’m in control of my life again he’s searching contact and wants to spent time with me again. On one hand he’s miseds me, on the other he didn’t, when he asked about us today. Seriously: what does that mean? that he wants me back? that he wants us 2 b just friends??

  10. dviper25 says:

    suck my fat dig cum dumpster… ur friend fuvks u in the ass doesn’t he?

  11. MMArtist99 says:


    Getting girls doesn’t have to be difficult (I used to think it did).
    I’ll give you some advice right now..

    Step 1: Go to MackMethods(dot)com

    Step 2: Order the “pandoras box” program

    Step 3: Use it and laugh at how easy girls are to figure out haha

    Seriously, that program has changed my life. I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning it because I don’t want a bunch of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a good mood today so I’ll share the wealth

  12. TheBeachgetaway says:

    I can manage the opening move but then what?

  13. musicnowable says:

    Once i got past his glasses and shirt some of the stuff he says made sense

  14. datingdoneright says:

    The start should not include talking about any old stuff. A brief conversation or meet to gauge his/her interest and go from there.

  15. musclebuilding100 says:

    Getting in touch with the real you should be the first move shouldn’t it?

  16. AffiliateGoGetter says:

    Breaking Up With A Partner Youve Been With For Years Is Hard!, I Know Because Ive Been Attempting To Get Back With Her And The Only thing That Worked Was The Video In My Channel Check It Out!

  17. phlipper234 says:

    Amazing video man u saved me a lot of hurt I owe u man

  18. Pan41ter09 says:

    she break cos of my attitude but i want to change for me n her….how to make her know tht im change??

  19. Smith7827 says:

    Dude thank you your the bomb, Everything you say said is true

  20. AlicaAlica1 says:

    Usually when you break up with your ex, or he or she breaks up with you, there is a natural level of missing one another, or longing to get back together. This is especially true following a relationship of a year or longer. Your ex is probably going to miss you no matter what, because of how many memories were shared together during this period of time. Read more in my site
    get-backyourexcom/blog  (Put a DOT before com)
    Most relationships CAN be salvaged

  21. vmAlex10 says:

    thanx man, im gunna try what you said , hope it works

  22. xXxLastDreamsxXx says:

    all of you are right and wrong think about this is every one the same diffrenet ppl like diffrenet things im good with stuff like this jst send me a message and we can talk and if you think your gf/bf might break up with you then message me also

  23. Austin Sollers says:

    She changed for the worse. And she sounds childish. You probably can do better anyhow..

  24. Kathy W says:

    If she got you a gift and you know for sure it was a gift, you do not have to pay her back anything. I don’t think you can get her back because she has moved on and forget about revenge. I would tell her you are not paying her back anything and keep away from her. Forget about her and see others.

  25. kelly says:

    dump her

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