How To Get Ex Back – The Ultimate Guide.

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Watch this video to see how to get your ex back without a lot of issues. To get more information, visit this website:

Part II Of This Guide: I’ve done a Part II of ‘How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – The Complete Guide’, just click the link above. I get a lot of questions from girls who give me their story and then finish with “What should I do?” or “What do I do next?” Well, the link above is a good start.

The Magic Of Making Up (Get Your Ex Back

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave


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16 Responses to How To Get Ex Back – The Ultimate Guide.

  1. vnbvndfhgh says:

    Date and Russian lady ** **

  2. courtneyelstob123 says:

    i was dating someone last month and i really miss him i dumped him tho and i made a really big mastake the thing is im dating someone else i thought i loved him but i dont i still lov emy ex :'( what should i do im really confused (im only 12)

  3. angeleyes1715 says:

    i had a boyfriend and we were togather for months too! we were lovebirds kinda like how edword and bella were in twilight lol. anyway he broke up with me because i wasnt makein him happy or something like that. we were soooo inlove. now a month later hes flirting with me, but hes not asking me out… what does this mean and what do i do!?!? please i need your help

  4. KentuckyStateeeBro says:

    Hey, me and my ex broke up a few days ago, he said he didnt want to be in a relationship, i was fine with that untill i found out he now is seeing a chick and that he was going out with her just for sex. i was really mad at him but im still sleeping with him, and when we are together he tells me that im where his heart wants to be and that if he didnt want to be with me he would leave after sex. so how do i get him to dump this chick and just get back with me??

  5. LoveGirugamesh says:

    what if he’ll still text me from time to time like ” what’s up? ” and stuff like that? should i be all happy ” everythings fine. what about you ? : ) ” or should i ignore him to win him back?

  6. Chelsea7246 says:

    My boyfriend and I just broke up a few weeks ago. We met about 5 months ago and connected instantly but I was stupid and went back to my ex boyfriend.. then when I finally broke up with my ex he told me I was to late and that he found someone else. He tells me he still loves me and there might be something for us in the future but right now he just wants to be friends. I tried to apoligize but he still blows me off.. I cant be friends are you kidding me? Love stinks

  7. 9rolanda says:

    Hello, i am single and my ex which is my high school sweetheart were together for 7 years and broke up because he is a lady’s man, however i still love him with all of my heart and he was my bestfriend but he has to many girls….what to do

  8. SX3xkyokox3XS says:

    what do i do if hes in korea? its been a month he said he didnt want a long distance relationship(cuz they almost always fail) but i cant stop thinking about him its KILLING ME!! i cant even think of another guy and all it takes is a song or a picture of us to make me take five steps back i hate this so much but i cant even call him..i want to no what to do when he comes back for a visit becuse i NO(due to his friends) that he hasnt thought of me anywhere near as much as i’ve thought of him….

  9. 915anonymous says:

    Im 14, and i know people think “how can you be in love at such a young age”. Well i was in love. This was my first proper boyfriend and we dated for 1 year and 4 months. Yesterday he was saying he loved me and couldn’t imagine life without me and Then this morning i woke up to find a text saying “sorry, it isn’t working. I hope we can still be friends” and he won’t even give me a reason saying why he broke up with me. He is such a jerk for doing that, but yet i still miss him and want him back.

  10. brooklyngirl119 says:

    ok. my ex and i broke up two months ago. i was the one that first brought up the idea of breaking up (i was completely unsure if it was a good idea) and he was devastated and cried. but then he broke it off with me bc he felt like i didnt want to be with him anymore.

    so ive done all the things you’re not supposed to do and he’s called me all sorts of names. currently hes angry at me so what do i do?

  11. YesungIsAmazing says:

    LMAO i can’t believe it actually took her over 2 minutes to get to the point O_o.

  12. chubbyAlExUs says:

    In june me and my ex boyfriend were hanging out one day and this is the first time we had done it in a while but wr talked and all that stuff but before i left he hugged me twice and kissed me on the cheek and on my way home i had gotten a text message saying that he had cheated on me and he said i diserved a broken heart since then i think i may have driven him away i wrote a letter to him saying if we could b friends again and i sortta cussed him out a bit PLEASE HELP!!!

  13. datingdoneright says:

    Thank you for this. Nice work

  14. TYCcheerleader13 says:

    OK, My boyfriend and I had dated sine Dcember 2010 till about June 2011, and found out that he was cheating on me.. And it hurt so bad then to find out that he lied, and I still love him, with all my HEART!! And I want him to be mine but I am scared That he will say NO!

  15. iloveyouchokes says:

    Well me and my ex broke up a year ago and I tried to move on but it’s really hard what do I do to get him back?

  16. xxfreakyasian10xx says:

    what if he wanted some space & he said he’ll come back but he’s taking so long to come back?what do i do while waiting?

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