Often Asked Concerns About French Kissing

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kissing tips
by Elin B


I just wanted to know how far you keep your mouth open when you French kiss?

If you have your mouth open too far it will feel like you and your partner are getting smothered.

Open your mouth up to what feels comfy. There’s no set rule as to how far you open it.

You can open it slightly for the duration of 1 kiss, then the next time (normally for the duration of a more passionate kiss)

open it a small a lot more.

How are you supposed to move your tongue in a French kiss?

There is no one way to move your tongue. You can either just move it across the tip of his, or you can

slide it down the side of his tongue (not too far though) and circle his. Use the tip of your tongue to

discover the tip of theirs. Or you can explore the inside of their mouth with just the tip of your tongue, like

their teeth or the roof of their mouth, whatever you really feel comfortable with. Just don’t forget not to force your

tongue all the way in or it will really feel like he’s being suffocated.

When French kissing, when your tongue goes in is it supposed to go in sideways?

Your tongue goes in naturally, just like sticking your tongue out on its own. It won’t curl or turn

sideways. It may go in a bit sideways into their mouth but that is because the two of you have your

heads on an angle, slightly tilted.

Is it OK to suck on their tongue?

Yes, of course. There is no One way of utilizing your tongue when French kissing. You can move your

tongue in a circle about theirs, dart it in and out of their mouth teasingly, you can rub the tip of your

tongue up &amp down their tongue. Do whatever feels comfy for you.

What do I do with my lips when French


You can close them once in a although so that you

can swallow. So your mouth will be open and

you will be making use of your tongue for a bit. Then you

close your mouth for a second with your lips still

on your partner’s and then you open your mouth

again. Their mouth will instinctively follow yours.

When French kissing, is it greater to close your

mouth when in a although or just maintain it open?

Undoubtedly close it as soon as in a although kissing. Variation

is really exciting in a kiss. Kissing only 1 way can

be a bit boring and tiresome if the kiss is lasting a

long time.

How do we switch our head positions in the time of French kissing?

To switch head positions, just break the kiss gently &amp turn your head to the other side.

As easy as that!

How do you know when to close your mouth for the duration of a French kiss?

It will just come naturally. Whoever begins to close their mouth the other individual will

just instinctively close theirs also.

How do I move my head when French kissing?

Pretend you are Stevie Wonder and move your head extremely slightly the way he moves his head, almost

like a figure 8 motion. Your lips won’t move themselves but they will move with the motion of your head.

It’s like your lips want to rub themselves against the other person’s.

I’ve never ever French kissed my boyfriend and I’m scared I’ll do it wrong.

I wouldn’t be concerned about what other folks think or say. It is what you really feel comfortable with. Some

men and women do not like the thought of French kissing. But being nervous about it if you’ve in no way done it ahead of is

really normal. But if you don’t really feel comfortable with it and your boyfriend hasn’t mentioned anything, I

wouldn’t worry about it. Possibly your boyfriend isn’t too thrilled about the notion either. Ask him what he

thinks. If he’s game for it and so are you, then experiment with what feels comfy for the two of you.

There is nothing wrong with asking and it.s a lot better than worrying about it.

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month and the relationship is great except

our French kissing. We each seem to have two fully various styles in kissing and can’t

appear to get our tongues in sync. What do you suggest?

I would suggest talking to him about it. You tell him how you like to use your tongue and have him tell

you how he likes it. Hopefully the two of you can come to some kind of pleased medium. Perhaps it’s not a

matter of being in sync but that possibly the two of you do not like the way the other kisses. If that is the

case then the two of you will have to talk about it.

My boyfriend has a lengthy tongue and he sticks it all the way down my throat. What really should I do?

Tell him honestly that you would prefer to be kissed with less tongue. That you appreciate the really feel of the tip of

the tongue. Otherwise, if you do not tell him how will he know? Tell him that you also want some range

and that you identified some various types of kisses at my web site and would like to try them out.

What is the general procedure to having a very first

French kiss?

1st, cup her face in your hands. Or, you can put

your hands on her arms. Bring your face towards

hers and leave your mouth a bit open. Tilt your head

slightly to one side so that when your lips meet the

top and bottom of your lips will meet the corners of

her mouth. It does not have to be dead on so don.t

be concerned about that. When your lips meet hers,

since your mouth is open hers will instinctively

open, too. So wait until hers are open and then put

your tongue in her mouth. Use just the tip of your

tongue to touch hers. Rub the tip of your tongue

more than hers, either in a slow circle or up and down the

front of hers. Now, you can either leave your lips the

way they are or you can move them quite slowly in a

circle over hers.

Keep in mind, this is not an precise science. Play about with it

and locate some thing that makes you feel comfortable and

that you enjoy. But remember… do not force your tongue

all the way in. Attempt making use of just the tip of your tongue on the

tip of hers to get the concept of how far to put your tongue in

her mouth. It is quite regular to really feel nervous about French

kissing for the 1st time. Soon after the two of you have kissed a couple of

times, ask her what she likes about it or if there is something

you can do that she enjoys that you haven’t carried out just before.

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The Tip-Top drive-in
kissing tips
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Question by Aubry Lynn: KIssing guidelines?
I want to boost my kissing abilities. I am going on a date on friday and I want to impress him, i’m not sure if it would be okay to make out on a 2nd date. Tell me some info please!

Greatest answer:

Answer by Just saying
dont make out with him, ur only 13

and for a second date dont do too much, it may scare him away

just maintain it basic and when you get great with that move on to tounge

Add your own answer in the comments!
Question by 4everWMT: What are some really great kissing ideas?
me and my bf are probably gonna kiss next week on our third date. yesterday was our second date, and it was so awkward simply because he was asking me if i wanted to kiss, and i was like ok, but thenn we spent like 10 minutes straight talking about whether or not we really should kiss or not..ahh! and it will be both of our first kisses. also hes like actually nervous soo, what must i do?? and also what are some wonderful kissing guidelines?? haha thanks!

Greatest answer:

Answer by Chelle
Do not open your mouth too significantly, soft lips soft tongue but not a lot.. joust a tease of it and make certain you do not have indigestion or anything.. do not want to burp lol. Oh and place your hand on his cheek, try not to tilt your heads, kiss straight if achievable.. it assists steer clear of neck pain later.

Know greater? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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23 Responses to Often Asked Concerns About French Kissing

  1. Brookey says:

    Well first off, what do you know?

    Guys love it when you touch different areas, like the back of their neck or their hands, or their cheecks. Maybe their thighs or somewhere in there.
    Just be creative. Think of ways that you would want to be touched, and how you would kiss someone.

  2. cheerychick says:

    Jsut be dreative (LOL)

  3. ESME says:

    well its your first kiss , so hell probably just give you a peck
    as time passes more of a movie kiss
    then hell stick his toung in your mouth…
    i know this is hard to understand but jsut go with his flow,
    i didnt understand that at all , untill i just gave in and kissed as if i were a mirror image (yeah i know pretty fucked idea) but it makes sense
    cause everything you do towards a mirror is oppisite

  4. justin says:

    You answered my question so I thought I’d answer yours. Basically, the more you get nervous and worry about it the worse it’ll be. Just relax and enjoy it, it’s supposed to be fun. Oh and don’t listen to the first person’s answer, no offense but that’s nonsense.

  5. Joey ♥ says:

    Awwww! I’m happy for youu =)

    Well, I would use some mint lip balm (but make sure you don’t have too much on your lips so that it’s not like, EW)

    Make sure you’re breath smells okay! A few minutes before you think you’re about to kiss, I would take a few Listerene Breath Strips (you can pick them up at any drug store, their quick to disolve and super minty so it’s perfect!)

    And as for the actual kiss, well, you probably won’t get TOO into it since it’s your first kiss, but just be natural, close your eyes, if you must use your tounge don’t use it too much, and yeppp =)


  6. Ali says:

    Well what you wanna do is take it all slow and easy. Talking about kissing can make it akward but once you do kiss itll be ok. Also youll know when the moments right for it, somehow ( a feeling kinda unexplanable) you two will just lean towards eachother and kiss. Oh and kissing tips r pretty easy. Tilt your head(so your noses dont bump), close your eyes once your mouths are close enough( you do this so u dont kiss their nose), then part your lips slightly. Another thing when leaning towards each other, you only lean in 50% of the way and let him lean in the rest of the way. GOOD LUCK

  7. Justmenmyrifle says:

    Confidence is key more important than teqnique but don’t smother her with your lips and if u r using toung not all the way in

  8. TheAquagoddess says:

    Haha so I was in the hallway with my boyfriend, and the bell rang so I said my goodbuy and we hugged and I lightly pecked his cheek and then he kissed my lips most ROMANTIC!

  9. Marieclean3 says:


  10. HappyBirthdaySANTA says:

    @xxxisaac724 hahhahahahaha seriousless dude can you not work that one out!

  11. HePlaysXbox says:

    I dont believe that when all girls pull away cause of something bad, because my girlfriend does that to tease me

  12. twochicks23 says:

    @TrollingForYou i do! 😀

  13. xcreepyteddyx says:

    @TrollingForYou Um. I do 8P XDDDD

  14. alinalea23 says:

    I love you guys… I think you are both so great. I actually signed up to youtube for the first time just so i could watch and subscribe to your videos. You seem like such a loving couple, what a great relationship you have!

  15. PapagiannisWoW says:

    @xxxisaac724 Well, if it’s healthy for the girl to suck someones penis, then why should it be unhealthy for this someone, u get what i wanna say?

  16. LIVETHUAN says:

    why does dan look so confused sometimes


    @crackfiendables I meant make a “C” shape with your hand/finger, not ur mouth or tongue. I would never lick a woman’s face.

  18. crackfiendables says:

    @HIMYNAMEISEVAN WOMAN trust me… i hate it when guys kiss me all over the face and grab on to me… it has to be mutual


    @crackfiendables are you a man or a woman?

  20. crackfiendables says:

    @HIMYNAMEISEVAN No, don’t do that.

  21. xxxisaac724 says:

    Is it healthy to make out, if the girl has sucked someones penis?

  22. erika2316 says:

    how can i relax when they push thire face to urs
    like its too close and u dont have room to know wtf hahahah

  23. mcjj1234 says:

    Kiss (keep it simple stupid)

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