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12 Simple Rules for Success in Love, Life and Online Dating

Don’t read this dating ebook unless you are ready to have MORE money, MORE love and MORE success in your life. Continue reading

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How To Get Your Ex Back.com – The Complete Guide for 2012

If you have just lost your partner, the question weighing on your mind may be how to get your ex back. If so, the most important thing that you really need to know is why. Continue reading

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Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce.

“I wish over and over I’d known some of this stuff before I started [my divorce]” Jodi Smith — Chicago, IL

Getting divorced is a frustrating and expensive time. Besides trying to find a good lawyer and then trying to get your lawyer to return calls, you also have to chase your Ex to sign paperwork! It’s HARD, Frustrating and expensive…. Continue reading

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The Cheating Manual To Catch A Cheating Spouse

You know the feeling. That tiny little ember of an idea that something isn’t right. That your loved one is certainly acting strangely and you just can’t put your finger on it…

But maybe you can – – maybe your intuition is telling your mind that the overwhelming factors are so strong… but your heart refuses to acknowledge the very thought… Continue reading

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“I’m amazed at how much my love life has improved since my husband bought your book. When I saw it printed out, I was annoyed at first Continue reading

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